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About Louise

My passion for the beauty industry began at a very early age. Intrigued by the glamorous adverts in Vogue magazine I landed myself a job in a beauty salon aged 16 as their Saturday girl. I quickly progressed from scrubbing the shower and cleaning product shelves to enrolling in a full time course straight from School.

Brushing the initial despair aside, I was inspired by my own personal journey with acne both as a teenager and a young adult. As a result, I was always keenly interested in ingredient technology and felt that a more innovative approach was needed for successfully nurturing skin back to health.

So, after a decade of research I developed my signature 3D approach to skin health, incorporating a scientific, nutritional and holistic philosophy designed to nurture my skin back to health. This innovative approach was so successful on my own skin that it seemed a natural progression to set up my own skin health business, so I founded U & Your Skin in my home City of Norwich, going from house to house as a mobile skin therapist until the Skin Lounge was born!

I have continued to develop my exclusive range of signature facials, all of which incorporate my 3D skin care philosophy and I use only products which I have hand-picked for the best in ingredient technology, including New York’s exclusive Elena Rubin range which is currently only available from the Skin Lounge here in the UK.

What you will gain from me and my elite team of skin therapists is a passion, love and the expertise in all that is skin health. We look forward to treating you.

Louise x